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February 26, 2018

Why I believe in God and the Power of Prayer

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When I got separated from my wife and children in 2000, I went from living in a 400K house to sleeping on the floor of a students apartment in Fort Collins Colorado. For some strange reason, I took all the families bills with me. I began to work as a claims adjuster for Farmers insurance. I made no money and was for all practical purposes broke.

My Ex was nice enough to buy my children a plane ticket to come to Fort Collins to see me. When my son Ben came to see me, I was in one of the poor states. I had no money.

Ben wanted to go to the movies. Have you ever tried to explain to a 9 year old child that there is no money for movies?

I got onto my knees and prayed “Dear God, you know my situation, please, please help.”

It was about that time that my DVD Player popped and blew up.

I just looked at it and shook my head as if toe say what else can go wrong?

Because I had bought it t Walmart 2 months before I took it back.
The nice lady said We do not have this model but I have a better one for less money.
So Walmart gave me the better DVD Player and threw in $30 for the difference.

Inside of 30 minutes we took our $30 and went to the movies. This is just one example of how God answered my prayers.

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