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My Last New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2012

Well, its December 31, 2012. The year that we were all supposed to vaporize and go bye-bye. I almost got to go as I recall.
On December 30, 2011, I had my usual fare of Famous Nathan’s hotdogs and went to bed by 10:30. By 11:30, I knew something was amiss. I couldn’t catch my breath. Very bad feeling.
So I woke up my blessed mother and got her to talk to me which usually got me calm enough to go to sleep. We talked for about 30 minutes and I told her that I would try to go to sleep. I hung up and it wasn’t working. I couldn’t catch my breath. Breathing is kind of a necessity nowadays. So I called her back and asked her if she could drive me to the hospital.
Made it to the hospital (Baptist) and they took me into the ER. Even though I had been to the hospital three times with the same problem this time they told me that I had an “Incident”. I think this means that I had a heart attack. My second. I got to have some additional stints put in. I believe this put me up to four or five stints in the system. There was a log jam in one of the arteries but the Doctor couldn’t get it with the sharp wire (coat hanger?) he was using.
I got to go to Cardiac ICU for three or four days. What a joy that was. I got to learn how to use a bedpan and met some really awesome nurses. One of whom got into the bed with me and showed me how to use the bedpan. Ah, Good times.
I finally got to go to the regular floor with the rest of the cardiac patients.
There I got to meet a truly spectacular individual. Ms. Jerri Leigh Wooten. Jerri Leigh is a cardiac nurse at the Baptist Hospital. A graduate of the University of Mississippi, smart as a whip and a damn fine nurse, her biggest strength is compassion. She doesn’t do it for the money because I believe her daddy may have some. She truly loves people and it shows.Jerri Leigh Jerri Leigh Wooten. Deceased Deer.

I spent a lovely three weeks with Jerri Leigh in the Baptist. And then another three months on Disability.
I tell you all this to tell you how my last new years went.

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