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May 7, 2013

Dallas Blues

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A completely untimed, unfettered poem by Gary V. Freeman



The SUN Slides into the Trinity River leaving streaks of Orange and Gold




They come out. The NIGHT People.


The low Riders


The High Flyers


The High Schoolers with SKITTLES Colored hair.


Highland Park, BLUE Hairs


“Six for Dinner, James”


“Yes’m Miz Lee…”


Oak Ciff Mothers


“Where is James?”


“Don’t Know, Mama”


“Lawd, that boys’ going to be the death of me.”


The working Girls on Harry Hines


The Working Boys in Oak Lawn


STARS and MAVERICKS at American Airline Center


RANGERS at the BallPark


Real Cowboys in Mesquite


Dallas Cowboys in Arlington


The Prayer is always different; The Prayer is always the same;


“Oh Lord,


“Let Me Score”


“Let Me Be Safe”


“Lord , Let me tonight” is always how it starts.


You would stand a better chance of winning the PowerBall Drawing.


An Answer comes rarely; if ever,


And with out further ado.

Its time for the Evening Symphony. Cars, Buses, Trucks, Vehicles of all sizes and colors but forget now that they are cars or am I just asleep at the wheel.


The day is going fast and the traffic waltzes. Each light seems to stake a claim all its own.


The Day is over; Glory be to the night..





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