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January 22, 2013

Dawn Langstroth and Alexis Peters

Filed under: Entertainment — Gary Freeman @ 4:47 pm

Two of the most talented, best looking, generally nicest, 20 something girls that you have never heard of.

Dawn Langstroth


Dawn Langstroth

About two years ago, I had the privilege of chatting over the net with the actress Virginia Madsen who had been one of my major heart throbs for years. This took place on Twitter which at that time was in its infancy.

While speaking with Ms. Madsen, Dawn Langstroth sent her a video and asked if she knew someone in the film industry that could take her under her wing and show her the sound industry.  Dawn was the sweetest, nicest person I could ever imagine.  Listening to Dawn sing was like hearing church bells on a crisp ,Christmas morning.  All I could say was “Wow.” Turns out that she is the daughter of Anne Murray, the Canadian songbird. We chatted via the net and she was like we had known each other for years.

Dawn is still doing concerts in Canada and can be found on twitter at @dawnlangstroth . Be sure and tell her that Gary sez hey.

Her website is http://www.dawnlangstroth.com
Her art site is: http://  http://www.dawnlangstrothlaboratories.com/

(yes, she paints too….)

Alexis Peters


Alexis Peters

Last year, I watched a thoroughly forgettable movie named Grendel on the SyFy network with Ben Kingsley, Marina Sirtis, and a host of forgettable. One who was not so forgettable was Ms. Alexis Peters. Anyone who has slept through Freshman English knows the tale of Beowulf so I will not bore you. Ms. Peters played the role of Ingrid. Ms. Peters is a drop dead gorgeous blonde with blue eyes.
She is attempting to make her role in Hollywood and has quite a starting resume. She also is the Niece of Joe Mantegna, the fine character actor. After graduation from the American Academy  of  Dramatic Arts in Hollywood in 2004. She then went on to work with the Midsummer Shakespeare Company of Oxford . Over the years, she has done Soap operas and “slasher” flicks. Like I said she is a drop dead gorgeous blonde. Hollywood is full of them.

What is not so common about Ms. Peters is that she has founded an orphanage in India.  Yup. Alice in Wonderland . Global Orphanages in India. ( http://www.volunteeringlove.org/ } She has started one and is attempting to start another.

Saturday Night Magazine explains it better than I could:

Global Orphanages, Inc is a Los Angeles based non-profit that aims to enrich the lives of children around the world by providing them the basic amenities of food, clothing and shelter and to facilitate their education, which will give them hope and tools for a better future. Global Orphanages, Inc. was founded by Alexis Peters who by chance took a trip to India that changed the course of her life.
Global Orphanages, Inc. proudly presents the opening of the Alice in Wonderland orphanage for children in Faridabad India. There are over 12.4 million orphans in India who are in desperate need of a home and hope for the future. The Alice in Wonderland Orphanage for Children currently houses 12 impoverished children and is supervised by two caregivers (husband and wife) who live in the orphanage as well.

Alice in Wonderland provides the children with food, shelter, medical care, schooling, transportation to and from school, book fees, school supplies and an opportunity to live a meaningful life. The success of this program is based solely on donations that are tax deductible.

Alexis’ Website is www.alexispeters.com

The Alice in Wonderland Website is http://www.volunteeringlove.org/alice_in_wonderland.html

With 18 million orphans wandering the streets of India, cant you do something to help?

Besides being better looking and loving cigars, Alexis is the real deal.

December 31, 2012

Reese and Jennifer

Filed under: Entertainment — Gary Freeman @ 9:54 pm

If you have been around me or talked to me for any length of time, you will notice that I am high on two particular performers. Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Nettles.
Reese has always seemed to me to be the ultimate southerner. When asked what she was going to do with her Golden Globe award, she said, “I’m sure my kids will drive it around in their trucks.” Hard not to like someone who has their priorities straight. I find it also interesting that she tried very hard to get out of Walk the Line because she had this fear of singing. (Evidently, she had gone to a camp when she was 12 and was told never to sing again.) I listened to her and Joaquin sing “Jackson” and then listened to Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash sing the same song. Johnny Cash is Johnny cash. Hard to top that although I can definitely appreciate Joaquin’s effort. However, I think Reese actually sounded better. You can definitely tell that she is laying on the southern accent but I find it interesting that she still talks with one when she is not on the screen. Like Nichole Kidman who speaks plain American English until the camera is not on and then has such a heavy Australian accent you can barely understand her.
At 15 million a picture and averaging 2 pictures a year, you figure that she can afford a baby sitter for Eva and Deacon. Not so. She totes them around everywhere. Ok, I’m sorry but it seems to me that Ryan Philippe got the best end of that deal by marrying Reese. Remember his last picture? Crash with Sandra Bullock last year. It made $5.61 world wide maybe.
He also had that infamous crack about Reese doing all the talking because she made more money.
Onto Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland. I got on the bandwagon watching CMT like a lot of other people. It has always seemed to me that she got a heck of a lot more face time than Kristin Hall and Christian Bush. I did a little research and it seems that Hall and Bush and Nettles, all three had a solid club career. Bush and Hall got together and said that they wanted to try for a “bigger” career. They approached Jennifer (who had the Jennifer Nettles Band) and asked her to be the “voice.” When I got to watch CMTs Country Crossroads with Sugarland and Bon Jovi, it was obvious that Jennifer had “lapped” Hall and Bush either unintentionally or intentionally. She and Bon Jovi did some duets that were just fantastic and it appeared to a uninformed viewer that Hall and Bush were in the background throughout. Maybe that is what they wanted. Maybe not. In any case, yesterday, Kristian Hall dropped the other shoe and decided to end her “career” and stay at home and write songs. Now, Ms. Hall writes great songs (ie. “Baby Girl”, “Make me Believe”, etc.) but it seems to me that even I (as modest as I am ) would like to have more than one line in 60 minutes of concert when there is only three of you. Now Jenn and Hall will tour as Sugarland which to the world at large will appear to be Jennifer Nettles and some guy playing the mandolin.

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