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December 18, 2012

Children of the Corn Part II

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Children of the Corn , Part II

We got back on the bus and started rolling toward our primary destination. North Park Mall. Mall to the Stars. Where all field trips go. Next time, I am going to Renaissance. I swear to goodness.

Anyway, we got to the mall and pulled around to the back next to the food court. Literally, there were seven school buses and two charter buses. Evidently some sort of choir competition.. Somewhere. Our 20 kids were outmatched. They were mannerly, courteous, quiet and I was so very, very proud of them.

All the other kids on the other hand were loud, spoiled , etc. When it comes to the real things that matter, our kids rose to the challenge. They ate everything at the mall, down to the morter between the joints. Three cooks crawled away to die from exhaustion and still they ate. What they couldn’t eat, they took back to the high school. Governor Bryant declared it a “National Disaster Area.” Mostly due to the excess wrappers on the mall floor.

All things considered it was fabulous trip and it was all due to our friend and colleague, Carol Anne Drane who works in Simpson county at the Votec Center. Thanks Carol Anne. We love you and miss you!


Children of the Corn go to the Airport.

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Last Friday, Mr. Richard Austin and I took 20 of Canton’s finest students to the Mississippi Air National Guard base located at the Jackson/Evers International Airport. (This ironically is in Pearl, MS) We had a school bus that came with built in candy wrappers ,36 kinds of gum on the floors and crash seats with no seat belts. It did have a video player that would play only videos of me and the kids. (Assuming I guess that I would either beat them or they would beat me. Neither happened.)

The directions to the base were take the first LEFT on the road. We did this and missed the turn by more than a mile. Turns out it was the first RIGHT. (Remind me never to call in a bomb strike from these guys. They appear to be directionally challenged.)

We finally pulled up to the gate and were met by two young airmen both with sidearms loaded. (Maybe they have heard of my kids??) They directed us to the “Big” Parking lot and after following the road and some cryptic signs we found the BIG Lot.
Observation #1: They don’t park the big planes (C17s, if you are into that sort of thing) (We have 9 of the things at $261 million a copy) near the school buses. We walked for two days and three nights and I felt like a cross between the Hulk and Daniel Boone. OK, I guess it was 3/4 of a mile to get to the actually planes. It just felt a lot longer.

There was something about potential terrorists flying in the military airplanes so we just walked around and looked at the cargo area of a representative plane. It was a lot like looking at a really, really big trunk. (It will hold 4 Greyhound buses. No word on how many school buses it will hold.) We took a bunch of pictures with the airmen so you can see how your tax dollars get spent.

And the trip was over. We then walked back to the bus and I got about half way back and the wheels came off, and the bear jumped on my back. As fans of mine know, I was blessed with interstitial lung disease a while back. I have a tendency to run out of oxygen. My legs started burning, my back burning and I had to lean down and put my hands on my knees.

Observation #2: The worst kids are always the ones that help you first. I don’t know why this is. It just is. They got me back to the bus and we were off to the Mall for lunch.

Children of the Corn at the Airport...

Children of the Corn at the Airport…

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