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April 26, 2013

About Gary Van Freeman

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Gary-Optimized-1After years of covering most of the North American Continent, I have returned to the place of my birth, Mississippi. Alas, it hasn’t turned me into William Faulkner or even (Thank God!) Tennessee Williams. I have worked from Seattle to Miami. From San Diego to New Hampshire and everywhere in between.  I have met some really, really nice people and married two beautiful young women (Not at the same time.) I have three children and at least two beautiful grandchildren

After teaching for 8 years in Canton, MS, I have now retired and sit watching the sun rise and set.

For my 70th birthday, I slipped and shattered my left elbow into a thousand pieces. It is just now getting back into some semblance of an elbow after surgery.

Mississippi has a lot of things to recommend it. On the whole though I had much rather be in Texas or in Colorado. My mother and step father live in Mississippi and as long as they are around, I am helping them.


Pros: Krystal Burgers. Lots of Magnolias. Lots of Pretty Ladies.

Cons: All my kids live in Texas. All my exes live in Texas, Krystal Burgers make you fat, Magnolias stop up your nose.

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